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To Our Community Partners and Fellow Patrons of The Arts:

In the short time frame of just seven (7) years, audiences, critics and community partners tell us that Different Strokes! Performing Arts Collective is now at the forefront of producing theatre that makes a difference in our community. 96 Actors, 28 plays, 7 Stage Managers, 6 directors, 3 Lighting Designers, 2 Scenic Designers, 2 Costumers, 2 Sound Designers, and 1 Technical Director later, it gives us enormous pleasure to know that you too have been a part of our success story.

The most vital task we undertake as a theatre company is to be a voice for positive change. One of the most exciting moments for theatre-lovers is the moment before the performance starts; as the lights dim, anything is possible. American Theatre Magazine said recently, of Different Strokes!– “If the purpose of the arts is, as theorist Viktor Shlovsky once wrote, to “make the stone stony,” to “make objects unfamiliar” that over time have become invisible, Different Strokes! Performing Arts Collective has made this the centerpiece of their work as it intersects with race, gender, and sexuality. Their work bends spectators’ perceptions just enough that they are able to see the unexamined assumptions that underlie daily life”.

Our vision for Different Strokes is to create world-class theatre that engages our community in relevant discussion about our shared humanity. As we look back over 6 ½ successful seasons, and plan for another, our consistent quality and growth dictates that we must locate our current programming to, and expand within, a more permanent location. In the spring of 2018, Different Strokes will make a home in a newly renovated theater in the South Slope district of downtown Asheville. This 120 seat performing arts venue, will more comfortably accommodate our growing audience, become a home for other diverse and varied performing arts groups, and allow us to expand our provocative and transformative programming.

Your financial contribution is a vital part of helping us to expand Different Strokes’! vision of excellence, develop new programs and projects, turn new ideas into reality, and executing innovative ways of serving our community and region. Time is of the essence as we begin equipping our new space with a stage, lights, sound, seats and essentials to make this potential space into an inviting performance venue. Please make your generous and tax deductible donation today.

With thanks and deep knowing that we are stronger together and that there is much work to do made lighter by friends on the path….


Making Theatre, Building Community, Facilitating Awareness and Changing The World (One Play at a Time)