The Theatre We’ve Made


“Sharp writing and a great cast make “Proof” a show well worth seeing.”

“I’ve been to many Broadway shows. I’ve never had a theatre experience like this. Kirby Gibson and Cyd Smith brought to the stage the genuine feelings and lives of black, working women in America. The intimacy of the setting made the audience a part of the show and the incredible acting and writing made us feel like we were part of their lives. Steph Hickling Beckman and her production staff put together a show that will forever be remembered by all who are fortunate enough to get tickets. We don’t need to go to Broadway to see great talent and entertainment. We are so lucky to live in Asheville, where the talent flows so abundantly! The fact that the portion of the ticket sales go directly to Asheville’s most worthy causes is an incredible bonus. There are only a few shows remaining and a quick decision to go is imperative. Don’t miss this show! ” (Sisters)