The Theatre We’ve Made


“Internal racism in the African-American community is not something that very many people would be comfortable talking about, much less seeing unfold on stage in front of them. Yet the new production [Sisters] by the unflinchingly brave Different Strokes Performing Arts Collective delivers as many laughs as it does thought-provoking moments…A two-character performance can break a show if either actor is not up to the challenge of keeping it moving and interesting. Smith and Gibson make it look easy. They live and breath their roles in ways that make you forget you are watching a play. And they make you feel emotionally invested in the outcome for both characters….a perfectly cast, tightly directed production that delves into issues of racism while also exploring where two lives intersect and contrast. It’s charming, funny and leaves the audience with a powerful perspective. ” (Sisters) Jeff Messer, Mtn X

“Thanks, Steph and Tracey, for performances that reminded me of how wonderful it is to fall for someone. Stop Kiss now ranks as one of my favorite Different Strokes productions. Every note rang true. The fear, the tentativeness, the bullying, the anger and concern. Beautiful.”