The DownStage Performing Arts Center

The (New)Home of Different Strokes! Performing Arts Collective – Coming in Winter 2018

Whether it’s left, right, center stage or upstage, downstage is where the most memorable scenes of any performance take place. Different Strokes Performing Arts Collective, the Company which prides itself on Making Theatre That Makes a Difference, began making plans to open the DownStage Performing Arts Center, in downtown Asheville’s thriving South Slope district. As one of the only public venues in Asheville, dedicated to the growth and nurture of the performing arts, this flexible,120 seat venue, with onsite parking, will serve as a permanent home for Different Strokes!, and as an additional performance and rehearsal venue for other performing artists and groups.

We are tremendously appreciative of your generosity last year, in support of the renovation and opening of the Downstage Performing Arts Center. So far we have raised $23,375.00, of our original $30,000.00 goal.  We had hoped to be sharing with you a long-awaited opening date. However, as we know, construction plans are about as dependable as a NC winter advisory. A wrinkle in time for the building’s current tenants equates to a re-imagining of our own timeline. While this was disappointing news for us initially, we are enthusiastic that the new time frame will result in our being able to dedicate more square footage to the auditorium, dressing room, and scene shop. As we spread out we’ll be adding another $20K to our goal. Keep watching our website and facebook page for updates.

As we plan for this next phase of our organizational growth, we invite your participation as we build a lasting legacy to Asheville’s growing performing arts community.  Please make your generous and tax-deductible donation today. We know that it is often a challenge to donate in a lump sum if so, we hope you’ll consider making an annual pledge that is payable in monthly increments.

Thrust Configuration                                                  Arena Configuration

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In addition to Theatre, Dance, and other performing arts disciplines, this Flexible,120 seat performance venue, with 14-foot ceilings, is ideal as a black box, an acoustic listening room, Poetry Salon, Open Mic, lectures, and movie showings, as well as aerial arts.  


Watch our progress and be inspired along with us as we grow!