The Alabama Story by Kenneth Jones

directed by Stephanie Hickling Beckman

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Character Breakdown (4m 2f)

Please note, as The Alabama Story is based on a true story, character descriptions are not fictional, and therefore, a necessary guideline in casting this play.

Garth Williams, Caucasian Male, 40+

Garth Williams is the omnipresent narrator. Educated abroad, a famous American illustrator of children’s books. Humane storyteller at ease with sincerity and sentiment, yet capable of a waspish comic remark. He also assumes the roles of OTHERS, including a wizened and infirm 80 year-old Old School Southern politician, a liberal Montgomery reporter, a Florida newspaper columnist and a menacing local citizen. A nimble chameleon with gravitas. Think the Stage Manager in “Our Town.”

Senator E.W Higgins, Caucasian Male, 40+

Senator Higgins is the Alabama State Senator. ‘Bawn ‘n’ bred in Alabama. Implacable in his belief in the traditions of the South. A charismatic bully given to speechifying and posturing but can be a cool and calculating game player when on the attack. 98 percent unflappable. Passionate and desperate, but rarely showing the latter. A bear of a man. Welcomes the spotlight. Think of him as a cousin to “Big Daddy” in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.”

Emily Wheelock Reed, Caucasian Female, 40+

Emily is the State Librarian of Alabama. Raised in Indiana; more Midwestern than Southern, although she is originally from Asheville NC. Pert, businesslike, completely unsentimental, quick on her feet, excellent at her job, rare to show her weakness in public. 98 percent unflappable. Limited sense of humor, but not a librarian cliché; not a drudge or a spinster or a prude. Has worked in the system enough to know how to be politic and moderate while still pushing for what she wants. Avoids the spotlight.

Thomas Franklin, Caucasian Male, 27-35

Thomas is a reference librarian, and assistant to Emily Reed, head of the State Library’s reference department. An Alabama native. Educated, exacting, fiercely loyal, a Type A personality at work, hiding a secret or two, which might give him the slight quality of seeming shifty, sensitive, shy or slightly peculiar at times. Charming. Dryly funny.

Lily Whitfield, Caucasian Female, 27-35

Lily is and has always lived a life denoting privilege in “small town Alabama”. A Southern belle, with some wear around the edges. Sheltered, still living in her ancestral home. Delicate, hiding a secret, sentimental and quick to conjure the past. Mercurial, garrulous, charming, vivacious, with streaks of sadness. Impulsive. Her chemistry with Joshua is palpable.

Joshua Moore, African American Male, 27-35  – THIS ROLE IS NOT AVAILABLE

Joshua left Alabama when he was 20 following a childhood trauma that involved Lily’s family. Upwardly mobile and confident, but aware of the limits of the Jim Crow South. Has shed his Southern accent, though it surfaces in passion. Focused, content with life, emotionally measured, but not afraid to express himself. Burdened by the past without knowing it. His chemistry with Lily is palpable.

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