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by Geoffrey Nauffts

Directed by Scott Keel;

Featuring: Dwight Chiles, Courtney DeGennaro, Kay Galvin, Michael Lilly, Paul Gallaher, Sean David Robinson

This timely and compelling play forces us all to examine what it means to "believe" and what it might cost us not to. The New York Times calls it “A smart, sensitive, immensely appealing and utterly contemporary New York comedy."

The Production benefits Land of The Sky United Church of Christ

November 6-22, 2014



sisters poster3

Written by Marsha Jackson

Featuring: Kirby Gibson, and Cyd Smith

Sisters provides an intriguing chronicle of the relationship between two African-American women who represent opposite ends of the “color spectrum”. Darker skinned Olivia spends her days in an executive office on the 20th floor, while lighter skinned Cassie spends hers in a housekeeping uniform. Despite the fact they they have met only in passing, the seemingly irrational contempt they share denotes a long history neither of them may consciously recognize.

The Production benefits The Center for Participatory Change

August 8-24, 2014


SK final poster

Written by Diana Son

Directed by Hope Lake Spragg

Featuring Steph Hickling Beckman, Tracey Johnston-Crum, Lucia Del Vecchio, David Ely, Scott Fisher, and Paul Gallaher

Stop Kiss is a poignant and often funny play about the ways, both sudden and slow, that lives can change irrevocably. Diana Son's imaginative, moving, and surprising comedy brings audiences -- and her principal characters -- to unexpected places.

This Production Benefits  The Asheville City Schools Foundation: Emily Eliot Gaines Memorial Scholarship

March 1-17, 2014


Proof PosterFINAL

by David Auburn

Proof premiered in 2000, earning critical acclaim for it’s sensitive portrayal of a brilliant young woman haunted by both the mathematical genius of her father, and the mental illness she feels she may have inherited from him.

March 10-20, 2014


Clean House Alt

Written by Sara Ruhl

Directed by CJ Breland; Featuring: Sonia Rose D'Andrea, Kat Brandao, Kelly Christianson, Althea Gonzalez, Peter Millis

The Clean House is a theatrical and wildly funny play which takes a whimsical and poignant look at class, comedy and the true nature of love.

The Production benefits Ladies Night Out

February 6-22, 2014


Table 6 Final

Table 6

by Rodney Smith 

Directed by Rodney Smith

Featuring: Paul Gallaher, Kirby Gibson, Tracey Johnston-Crum, Cary Nichols, and Trinity Smith

Table 6 is the Witty and fast-paced story of four women gathered for what is supposed to be a festive engagement party. But preconceptions and misconceptions abound.

*2014 Fringe Festival, January 23-25, 2014



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