The Submission

written by Jeff Talbott

February 9-25, 2017

“Shaleeha G’ntamobi’s stirring new play about an alcoholic black mother and her card sharp son trying to get out of the projects has just been accepted into the nation’s preeminent theater festival. Trouble is, Shaleeha G’ntamobi doesn’t exist, except in the imagination of wannabe-playwright Danny Larsen, who created her as a kind of affirmative-action nom-de-plume. But a nom-de-guerre may prove more useful as the lies pile up, shaky alliances are forged, and everyone dear to Danny must decide whether or not to run for cover as the whole thing threatens to blow up in his lily white face”. reprinted from Samuel French.
“The Submission is a raw, unsentimental play about race and gender that exposes the quiet prejudice and intolerance among even our most progressive thinkers. It is both uncomfortable and impossible to not watch.” – AP

5 Lesbians Eating A Quiche

written by Evan Linder and Andrew Hobgood

June 15-July 1, 2017

“The “widows” comprising the Susan B. Anthony Society for the Sisters of Gertrude Stein have gathered for their annual quiche breakfast, 1956 edition. And these women really, really love quiche, as long as it’s meatless; the Society’s motto, “No men, no meat, all manners,” is no joke. A lighthearted morning quickly devolves into an emergency as the group’s nightmare comes true: An A-bomb hits, the meeting hall becomes a fallout shelter, and all but one of the quiches is locked on the other side of a self-sealing door. When the ladies devour the last quiche, latent feelings rise to the surface as one, ahem, finishes it off with intensity.  This ensemble piece is smart, sharp and hysterically funny. – Time Out Chicago

Best of Enemies

written by Mark St. Germain

August 17-September 2, 2017

Based on the best-selling book by Osha Gray Davidson, The Best of Enemies is a true story about the relationship between C.P. Ellis (a Grand Cyclops of the KKK) and Ann Atwater (an African-American civil rights activist) during the desegregation of the Durham, NC, schools in 1971. The Best of Enemies exposes the poison of prejudice in the hearts of Atwater and Ellis who, by facing each other, are forced to face the worst, and best, in themselves.



William Shakespeare

November 3-19, 2017

Presented in partnership with The Montford Park Players

“This great tragedy of unsurpassed intensity and emotion is played out against Renaissance splendor. The doomed marriage of Desdemona to the Moor Othello is the focus of a storm of tension, incited by the consummately evil villain Iago, that culminates in one of the most deeply moving scenes in theatrical history.”


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